Glass Walls

Transparency or safety? This is the dilemma facing many businesses.

With the emergence of the 24/7 economy, more and more buildings are open to the public, even outside normal office hours. Banks, dis-play windows or shop spaces that are visible after closing time help cut down vandalism and crime. With glass panel walls from Multiwal, you divide your space without restricting your view. That gives you the greatest possible design freedom.

This is because transparent dividing walls provide the safety of a closed space whilst also giving visitors the feeling of openness.

It is not surprising that Multiwal glass dividing walls are becoming more and more popular.

Multiwal makes mobile glass panel walls in four designs: View, View-Alu, Look and Sight. Each of these designs provides you with extensive options for arranging your space. And a combination of the four designs is also possible. The walls do not draw attention to themselves; in fact, they are very inconspicuous.

For example, the Multiwal View is scarcely visible with its exact continuous frame line, and no vertical aluminium sections.

It is a neutral and yet very modern way of achieving an uninterrupted view.


Glass Walls PDF Brochure

Glass Walls PDF Technical Datasheet