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Rearrange your space in minimum time. That's possible with Haro folding partitions from Multiwal. For more than 40 years, Multiwal Haro folding partitions have been making it easy and cost-effective to use space flexibly. In exactly the way you want it.

Multiwal Haro folding partitions are distinguished by their stability and ease of use. And they can provide not only the perfect visual division but also excellent soundproofing. That means that Haro folding partitions from Multiwal can be used practically anywhere - in both commercial and residential buildings. Multiwal is Europe's largest producer of Haro folding partitions, with satisfied customers all over the world.

Multiwal Haro folding partitions also make it possible to make optimal use of small spaces.

Haro 24: the most frequently sold wall
Conference hall or meeting room, theatre or sports centre: Multiwal Haro folding partitions are everywhere. And with good reason. Just look at their main features:

  • The double harpoon latch' is fitted as standard and connects the joints seamlessly.
  • You can lock the wall in the closed as well as the open position.
  • The restraint for fixing the wall is automatically in the open position.
  • All visible metal parts are made of plain anodised aluminium.
  • The inner frame is hot-dip galvanised and consists of scissored
    elements linked to each other by rods, creating an extremely solid construction.
  • The heavy-duty leatherette cladding is dirt-repellent, washable and self-extinguishing. The fabric does not shrink or stretch, so that the pleats remain straight and smooth.
  • Floor rails are not necessary, which means that the floor covering can be laid without interruption

And these extras complete the picture:

  • You save extra space with an end section at right angles to the main track. The open folded partition can then be stowed parallel to the wall.
  • When fitted with rotating hinges, the folding partition wall can be led through any bend with a radius of more than 70 cm.
  • The fixed wall attachment can be replaced by an extra front upright with a lock.
  • The Harostop restraint enables you to secure the front upright in any position, even in the parked position.
  • Felt draught strips fitted to the top and bottom of the partition optimise the seal